About Asaii

At the crossroads of art and fashion, Asaii unfolds its narrative, embodying the spirit of craftsmanship and individual storytelling. Every garment in Asaii collections serves as a canvas, meticulously hand-painted by skilled artists who translate memories, emotions, and history onto wearable masterpieces. Utilizing natural, plant-based paints, sourced with care, underscores our deep commitment to sustainable practices. Asaii's essence lies in crafting timeless investment pieces, garments that transcend fleeting fashion trends to become cherished essentials in your wardrobe. As a brand, Asaii invites you to revel in the jubilation of life's myriad narratives. Each piece is a wearable work of art, inviting you to embrace the stories and emotions woven into every stitch, making the act of getting dressed a profoundly meaningful experience. The name Asaii emerges from the harmonious blend of 'Us' and 'I', symbolizing the unity of collective narratives and individual expressions.


Asaii's journey begins with a deep respect for materials, opting to craft their inaugural collection from leftover premium stock natural fabrics such as cotton, linen, and bamboo. This approach not only embraces the concept of circular fashion but also ensures that surplus materials are given a new lease on life as ready-to-wear garments. As the brand evolves, the commitment to circularity remains steadfast, with a focus on repurposing smaller fabric scraps into accessories and other products.

Production Ethos

Adopting a small-batch production methodology, Asaii collaborates with small-scale factories to produce 40-60 pieces per size category, ranging from XS to XL. This strategy is designed to minimize excess and encourage thoughtful consumption. With an annual release of approximately 15 unique styles, Asaii infuses each piece with fresh narratives, ensuring diversity and high quality in their offerings.

Design Aesthetics

Asaii champions enduring neutrals as the cornerstone of their color palette, advocating for garments that transcend seasonal trends. This choice promotes longevity and versatility in fashion, encouraging consumers to view their purchases as lasting investments.

Conscious Creativity

The brand takes pride in using 100% natural, organic, and vegan paints for hand-painting garments, ensuring that their creative expressions are eco-friendly. The paints are designed to integrate seamlessly with the fabric, promising durability and a minimal environmental footprint.

Signature Details

Asaii's commitment to sustainability is evident in their choice of coconut buttons, which have become a hallmark of the brand's identity. These eco-friendly buttons add a unique touch to the garments, reflecting Asaii's dedication to mindful details.

Sustainable Packaging

Every Asaii garment is thoughtfully packaged in reusable cotton canvas bags and shipped in compostable mailers derived from corn. The brand's commitment to a plastic-free ethos extends to their stickers, tissue paper, and thank you cards, all crafted from sustainable materials.

Waste Optimization

The #WorkDayCatharsis initiative showcases Asaii's innovative approach to repurposing sample pieces through a paint-splattering technique, turning accidental art into a community-driven project.

Ethical Commitment

Asaii places a high value on the well-being of their vendors, tailors, and team, ensuring fair wages and a positive work environment. The brand's hand-painted garments are a testament to the skilled artistry of their creators, who are compensated per piece for their meticulous work.

Asaii stands as a beacon of conscious fashion, weaving together the threads of sustainability, creativity, and ethical practices to create a tapestry of transformative stories. Through their commitment to detail, the brand invites consumers to embark on a journey of mindful consumption and lasting impact.