Our Story

Clotho Studio was founded in 2019 as a saree marketplace in Toronto. Our Founder Indu Joseph soon realised a gap in awareness about the rich history and culture of the Indian textiles and crafts. Also the dynamic style of the modern India. Clotho Studio is her vision to bring attention to various Indian crafts, Textiles and Designers who work directly with artisans. 
Clotho Studio aims to promote the artistic traditions of India by supporting the local artisans who practice them as their livelihood. With our product selection, we intend to be as inclusive as possible in terms of where we source from and who we support in this process. Our products produced in small batches encourage the buyer to curate their own story through the purchases. Clotho Studio products are exclusively handmade in India and Canada.
We celebrate the artistry and resilience of the traditional crafts and techniques of India. Our mission is to highlight Indian crafts, weaves, prints and artisanal expertise on a global platform. Also, curating a conscious and responsible lifestyle by bringing you hand picked and one of a kind slow fashion pieces.