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Clotho Collective

Clotho Studio’s latest initiative ‘Clotho Collective’ is our new made-to-order curatorial retail project that places you, our customer, as the vision behind our studio. Foregrounded in the idea of foretelling, this mode of retail experience encourages you to browse our collection of fashion and product design from our website in anticipation of what you would like to wear in the approaching season.


When you place an order, we initiate the making of the product and guarantee you its delivery by the timeframe mentioned for each product. As the order gets actualized, you will remain an active part of it through images and videos provided at each stage of its making process that capture the time and labour that go into it, culminating with a showreel when the product reaches your own hands.

Through the ‘Clotho Collective’, we initiate a foretelling of your story and in the reduction of textile waste and resources that accompany mass-manufacture. Our products are all made in India through conscientious and rigorous textile making practices that support the sustenance of crafts rituals, practices, people and labour. It is an occasion that keeps our textile craft cluster communities breathing and helps them come together for the weaving of your incredible story.