While at fashion school, founder and owner Leesha Agarwal spent much of her time interning or working with various brands. What struck her most from this experience was the amount of scrap fabric and waste that went into landfills every day. She also noticed that workers were underpaid and over utilized, often working excruciatingly long hours. And while these companies drew in massive profits, their own people did not gain the benefit nor were their customers aware of where their clothes came from.
She decided to do it differently, and Adah was born – an ethical, zero waste, handloom fashion brand

SOURCING- Fabrics are sourced from different parts of India and directly from the weavers. No middlemen involved. Weavers are always paid the right amount for their effort and time.

ZERO WASTE: Everything we use, we use fully. Nothing goes into our bins.

WHO MADE YOUR CLOTHES?: Our garments are produced by multiple tailors, each of whom is credited for the garment they have made. When you purchase from us, we tell you who made your clothes.