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Danbur | Handpainted Shirt

Danbur | Handpainted Shirt

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The Danbur Tabla Shirt is a heartfelt tribute to Ariane, the enchantress who embodied unity and spirituality through her rhythmic craft in the heart of Anjuna. The image of Ariane with her tabla is hand-painted on the two chest pockets, seamlessly blending in to create an artistic touch that lovingly pays homage to her captivating spirit. Crafted with 100% cotton, it offers a breezy appeal and a non-fused collar, allowing you to wear it as a button-down or an overshirt. The coconut buttons complement the natural and breezy aesthetic, adding an elegant touch that mirrors Ariane's enchanting spirit.


-100% Cotton

XS: Chest 40, Length 24.25, Shoulder 16.25, Sleeve 22.5
S: Chest 42, Length 25.25, Shoulder 17, Sleeve 23.5
M: Chest 44, Length 26.25, Shoulder 17.75, Sleeve 24.5
L: Chest 46, Length 27.25, Shoulder 18.5, Sleeve 25.5
XL: Chest 48, Length 28.25, Shoulder 19.25, Sleeve 26.5


We believe all fabrics deserve to be treated well, and our fabrics are particularly delicate and lightweight. So please remember to be gentle when you wash your piece. Avoid scrubbing. We recommend you use a liquid detergent for washing. Colors tend to last longer if clothes are not exposed to direct sunlight.


Each piece is custom-made. As it is made to order, this piece will take upto 3 Weeks to be dispatched from the designer's worksop in Goa, India. If the product is ready for shipment, we will notify you and process the shipment as soon as we receive the order.

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Please connect with us via email for returns, exchanges or refunds on any pieces. 

About Asaii

In pursuit for consciousness, Asaii's collection is crafted out of leftover premium stock natural fabrics - Cotton, linen and bamboo. It is a deliberate attempt to effectively close the loop within the fashion system by transforming surplus materials into ready-to-wear garments. 

As they transition to producing their own fabrics, Asaii continue to uphold the practice of repurposing smaller fabric scraps, creatively transforming them into accessories and other products.
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