• Artisan Led

    We are dedicated to sustaining generational knowledge and traditional craftsmanship, enriching the lives of communities dependant on these crafts. We aim to enhance livelihoods and give back, ensuring that your fashion choices contribute positively to these communities

  • Transparent

    Our products offer complete traceability, from the origin of raw materials to every step in the supply chain. This level of transparency allows you to understand and appreciate the journey of each item, connecting you directly to the source and story behind your clothing.

  • Made to Last

    Each unique piece in our collection is handcrafted with care, using traditional techniques and minimal machinery. We pair this artisanal dedication with the use of natural, azo-free dyes, ensuring longevity and reducing environmental impact

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At Clotho Studio, we celebrate the artistry and resilience of the traditional crafts and techniques of India. Our mission is to highlight Indian crafts, weaves, prints and artisanal expertise on a global platform. Also, we curate a conscious and responsible lifestyle by bringing you hand picked and one of a kind slow fashion pieces made in India. Shipping worldwide!

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