Our Story

Origins & Inspiration

Clotho Studio stands at the intersection of tradition and innovation, dedicated to showcasing the rich heritage of Indian crafts and artisanal expertise on a global platform. Based in Toronto Canada, we are committed to curating a conscious and responsible lifestyle through our selection of unique slow fashion pieces made in India, and shipping them worldwide.

Our mission is to reshape the fashion realm through sustainable efforts, nurturing independent designers, and serving a community of thoughtful shoppers. Each item in our collection tells a story of cultural heritage, skilled craftsmanship, and mindful production. Our products produced in small batches encourage the you as a buyer to curate your own story through each of your purchases. Clotho Studio products are exclusively handmade in India.

Our Brand Name

Clotho, named after one of the Fates in mythology who spun the thread of life, symbolizes the brand's commitment to weaving together tradition, craftsmanship, and sustainability in fashion. The name reflects our dedication to offering a tapestry of clothing that intertwines ethical practices with timeless style. At Clotho, we aim to highlight the intricate weaves, vibrant prints, and unparalleled artisanal expertise of India. We believe in fashion that is not only visually stunning but also holds a deeper value – promoting slow fashion and conscious consumerism. In doing so, we are not just preserving these age-old techniques but also adapting them for a global audience that values sustainability as much as style.

Sustainability & Our Commitment

Keeping Craft Alive
At Clotho Studio, we are dedicated to preserving the intricate craft skills that form the cornerstone of India's rich heritage. In an era where mass manufacturing threatens these age-old techniques, we provide a platform that not only brings these skills to the forefront but also ensures their survival. By offering a sustainable source of income to artisan communities, we help keep their knowledge and artistry alive, breathing new life into traditional methods that have been passed down for generations.

Artisan-Led Approach
Clotho collaborates closely with artisan communities across India, reimagining their ancient skills through our collections. These artisans, deeply connected to their land and culture, bring unparalleled authenticity to our products. Our commitment extends beyond business transactions; we aim to sustain the communities and the individual makers, artisans, and craftspeople who are the heart of these traditions. We consider it vital to maintain and nurture these connections, ensuring a consistent source of income and support for the artisans who collaborate closely with us.

Timeless Design
Our collections feature a unique design language by our talented designer partners, celebrating and supporting the heritage, traditions, and skills that have been nurtured through generations. We are proud to say that a significant portion of our collection employs traditional techniques like hand-block printing, hand-spinning, and hand-weaving from India. With designers from across India partnering with us, we represent local designs from various different craft clusters and design variations from numerous communities.

Sustainability & Conscious Living
At Clotho, we are on a continuous journey towards sustainability. We embrace practices that favor quality over quantity and advocate for the beauty of imperfection. With our partners' commitment to longevity, we aim to reduce waste and promote conscious consumption. Our products are made predominantly from natural fibers, ensuring they are kind to the skin, designed to last, and ultimately biodegradable, returning to the earth without harm. The concept of ‘waste’ does not exist in the earth’s naturally circular systems, in which all resources are used and fed back into the ecosystem for future nourishment.