Your Conscious Buying Guide

Your Conscious Buying Guide


4 easy steps for a transformed mindset.

Its always a good time to talk about changing our buying behaviours. Here are 4 easy steps to boost your conscious buying decisions or help explain a friend about it.


1. Who made these?

Inform yourself about the origin of the product and the practices used in production. Learn about the products you use, value the story behind them.


2. How long can this be used?

 Invest in timeless products, use them to their maximum value. Consider the longevity of products before purchase.


3. Ask questions.

 Reach out to brands who you buy from and ask them questions. This helps your decisions and the brands to rethink their practices.


4. Appreciate your steps.

It is important to reinforce and encourage yours and others' small changes. Take pride in your conscious choices, small or big.

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