Made in New Delhi

Inspired by the Bhagwat Gita, Ahmev in Sanskrit means “believing you are everything.” It embodies the journey of self-discovery and the pursuit of divine qualities in life. Ahmev captures a sense of poise, beauty, and freedom that complements the female spirit, with a distinctive style that expresses individuality. The pieces are designed to empower, cherish, and bring to life a vivacious and expressive spirit.

Ahmev’s timeless style is thoughtfully sourced and crafted by artisans, reflecting the luxury contemporary design aesthetic of the brand. Each piece is made with integrity and gentleness, using the finest materials. The curated designs feature beautiful minimalistic detailing, proudly illustrating the rich cultural heritage of India. The resulting ensemble achieves a perfect balance between classic and modern, cultural and universal, sprightly yet elegant.

Within Ahmev, discover a ready-to-wear collection sculpted for the perfect fit with effortless silhouettes, memorable design, and craftsmanship that celebrates the feminine figure. Ahmev is founded on the principles of purity and simplicity, capturing the essence of a passionate spirit.

The idea for Ahmev began with a simple thought: to introduce designs in the fashion world that are classy, timeless, memorable, and sustainable. The brand celebrates the sartorial philosophy of minimalism while promoting ecological practices. It addresses the luxury and high-end needs of customers, while also being mindful of the planet.

Founded by Kanchan Sharma and Manish Garg, the label was born from the desire to merge their individual talents, abilities, and dreams into a shared vision. The goal was to build a brand offering understated tailoring and timeless staples.

Vision and Commitment

Ahmev approaches fashion in an ethical and transparent manner, considering both people and the planet. The brand is committed to creating an environment that facilitates transparency, understanding, and respect for those who work to execute the vision. Eco-friendly fabrics are used throughout the supply chain, ensuring fair wages for laborers involved in garment production.

For Ahmev, sustainability encompasses the protection of the environment and human health, preservation of resources, and the creation of products that can be realistically incorporated into existing markets. This includes ensuring occupational safety, gender equity, and women’s empowerment, as well as meeting consumer demand for eco-friendly textile products.