Commencing her journey into the world of jewellery design from Cochin, Celia Palathinkal designs have already found a prominent place in the hearts of many. Her unique take on jewellery design and her untethered desire to create extraordinary pieces have gained her an avid clientele and she has also been a part of several exhibitions and shows all around the globe.

Aesthetic and contemporary, Celia Palathinkal jewellery is interpretive and gives the wearer a riot of possibilities when it comes to the styling. Artistic expression and individuality radiate in each piece and exudes uniqueness that makes them, and the wearer of Celia’s designs, stand out in a crowd. Celia Palathinkal jewellery is also a celebration of being distinctive and one-of-a-kind. A blend of modern simplicity and traditional touches, the jewellery is the statement piece you long for.