‘Deeta' is a homegrown label and we create timeless pieces using traditional craft from natural sustainable fabric. Born from sheer love for textiles, we aim to bring affordable, timeless pieces that could be worn for years.

We started our journey in year 2020 from empowering the artisans as we pick inspiration from the colors, architecture and craft of our home country. Every piece speaks about the dedication of artisans, emotion of the designer and the personality of buyer. Years of designing experience contribute heavily to our design sensibility and helped us in visualizing and creating clothing that allows freedom, comfort and joy.

As a design philosophy, we believe in designing thoughtful silhouettes that are not only functional and comfortable but also uplift wearers personality. We design capsule collection to bring unique products every time.

The uniqueness of the brand lies in the use of natural fabrics, texturing, handcrafted subtle detailing, coordination and combination of contrasting hues and inventive use of craft and surface treatment. Each collection brings a new splash of colors and a new story.