Studio Rigu

Made in New Delhi

RIGU, established in 2021 in New Delhi, India, embodies the essence of ‘Liveable Luxury’. The brand is dedicated to injecting colorful confidence and high-energy happiness into customers' wardrobes through skillful color application and distinctive, original prints. Each hand-painted design is rich with personal significance, carefully matched with silhouettes that encourage customers to embrace color, foster a positive outlook, and evolve into more confident and creative individuals.

RIGU's offerings are designed with an emphasis on fit, functionality, and comfort, allowing customers to feel their best whenever they don RIGU attire. With a focus on transcending fleeting trends, RIGU stands out as an independent and modern entity, providing transformative clothing that caters to the needs of the globetrotting woman. Known for its thoughtful minimalism and meticulous detailing, RIGU incorporates traditional artisan techniques into contemporary styles, supporting its sustainability initiatives.

RIGU's Commitment

RIGU acknowledges its responsibility towards the planet and its inhabitants. From the outset, the brand has been mindful to avoid greenwashing, instead, advocating for thoughtful design as its core principle. This commitment is evident in every collection, as RIGU employs sustainable materials such as Cupro (vegan silk), organic denim, and 100% cotton, aiming to reinterpret and modernize age-old textile practices for today’s global audience.

Employing techniques like tie-dye, RIGU’s garments, characterized by hand-dyed uniqueness, celebrate the beauty of artisan imperfections. Operating on a made-to-order basis, RIGU adheres to small batch production, reducing inventory levels and negating the influence of seasonal trends.