Made in Bangalore

A dream, an ode, a desire.

An amalgam of traditional crafts and modern silhouttes, Tree is a clothing concept born out of the founder's mother's love for all things green, their father's dream of doing things worthy and their own sheer desire of clothes that are easy and rooted.

The weaving community of India is rather special. Each craft is breathtakingly beautiful and unique. And what is more intriguing is the story behind each of them - Be it a love story across communities for 'Tangaliya' craft or how Queen Nur Jehan took a fancy of 'Chikankari' work.

Tree pieces are carefully curated and handmade to give you an experience of these textiles and the stories behind it. Tree's comfort fit and contemporary styles makes its designs timeless pieces.

Welcome to collection from Tree. Let's get you adorned in something special.

Tree's Commitment

Tree is delighted to share their journey with you which has spanned across many crafts , regions, techniques and materials over the past years. What began as an exploration into the wide expanse of culture and craft has shaped Tree with its stories and unique offering. From various cottons to silks, kutchi to jamdani, bandhani to Ikats and from a single artisan to a growing family of 50 craftsmen, we take immense pride in all that we have created.