Iro Iro


Iro Iro stands as a testament to sustainable fashion and circular design, rooted in the heart of Jaipur. Adopting a zero-waste ethos, Iro Iro's approach to circular design is driven by empathy—towards all beings, the planet, and themselves. By prioritizing the maintenance of materials within the value chain, they demonstrates a commitment to sustainability that extends beyond mere ideology. Their method involves engaging with waste, indigenous practices, and the people and planet that support these traditions.

In the quest to discover an authentic identity, Iro Iro is deeply engaged in the decolonization of fashion. Drawing on the rich tapestry of rural arts in India—arts that have flourished in harmony with nature's rhythms for over two millennia—Iro Iro celebrates these traditional expressions and techniques that have remained unchanged, paying homage to the original custodians of the land.

At the heart of their operation is the Textile Lab, a space of experimentation and innovation. Here, class meets creativity as the collective explores new ways to upcycle textile waste, saving tonnes of CO2, thousands of kilos of textile waste, and hundreds of thousands of liters of water. This dedication not only showcases Iro Iro's commitment to environmental stewardship but also their passion for co-creating systems that challenge and redefine the boundaries of sustainable fashion.