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Sky08 | Half Sleeve Shirt

Sky08 | Half Sleeve Shirt

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This half-sleeved shirt, dyed in indigo, features pockets adorned with patchwork and hems finished using recycled textile waste. The shirt is adorned with multi-colored buttons and showcases Kantha embroidery in various sections. Fabric is woven from waste sent to us by a garment factory based in Kolkata and kala cotton yarn.


IRO IRO collects offcut waste from garment factories. All these offcuts have been cut into tiny scraps and tediously sewn back together to form a liner yarn. This liner yarn is then hand-woven into our fabric. This process is time-consuming and difficult but it is as beautifully unique as it is kind to the planet.
The piece may not look exactly like the image but the overall look and feel of the piece are not changed.
It has been uniquely made and designed for you.




Most pieces are custom-made. As it is made to order, this piece may take upto 14 days to be dispatched from the designer's worksop in Jaipur, India. If the product is ready for shipment, we will notify you and process the shipment as soon as we receive the order.

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About Iro Iro

IRO IRO is a circular design collective based in Jaipur, which defines Circular Design as a practice driven by empathy towards all beings, the planet, and themselves. This approach emphasizes the importance of maintaining materials within the value chain through empathy. The collective believes that the most effective way to implement this practice is by working with waste, embracing indigenous practices, and focusing on both people and the planet.

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